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CHAP 10 Year Tax Credit

Baltimore City's tax credit program that can save you thousands of dollars annually

"Ron and his team are the best! I contacted Ron because he was highly recommended by a few of my friends.  His team helped me buy a new house and sell my old house.  The entire process was seamless and my family and I always felt comfortable and in control while working with  Ron and his team."

The CHAP 10 year tax credit will greatly reduce your annual tax across a 10 year period. There are currently new renovations that have the CHAP 10 Year Tax credit on the market in Canton, Fells Point, Federal Hill, Hampden, Brewers Hill, Butchers Hill, Highlandtown, Patterson Park & Locust Point. We also have a list of coming soon properties where you can pick out some of the finishes.

Hands down Ron Howard & Associates is the best real estate team in the Baltimore area!

So, What Are The Benefits?

Lower Payments

Payoff Faster

Afford Higher Sales Price

Much lower monthly mortgage payments then a home with fully assessed taxes

Qualify and buy a home with a higher sales price ($30,000 to $80,000 more) with the same payment

Use the money your saving monthly to pay towards your principal and pay off your loan years ahead of schedule

Get In Your Home Faster

Bigger Down Payment

Huge Selling Point

Possibly buy sooner because you need less cash to close (lower tax escrow)

A lower tax escrow is possible and you will have more cash on hand to put down and potentially switch to better financing

The CHAP Tax credit is transferable, a big selling point when you go to sell

Learn More About the Process

Simply fill out this form to get your list of properties emailed to you ASAP.  This list will include all of the listings with the CHAP tax credit on the market.  We've also compiled a list of "coming soon" projects that are under development, if you want that list give us a call at  (443) 573-9222

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Calculating the Historic Tax Credit


A Fictional Example


A. Pre-Improvement Full Cash Value                   

B. Post Improvement Full Cash Value              

C. Baltimore City Tax Rate                              

D. Tax Credit Percentage                                     


ANNUAL HISTORIC TAX CREDIT                           

(B-A) * C * D




= $150,000               

= $300,000           

= 0.02268                             

= 100%

= $4,356           


Savings of $43,560 on property taxes over 10 years.

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